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Start with Our Father and Hail Mary, then continue:

1. Beginning Prayer:
Crucified Jesus, prostrate at Your feet, we offer You the tears of the Mother who, with love full of devotion and sympathy, accompanied You on Your painful way to Calvary. Grant, O Good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the tears of Your Most Holy Mother have taught us, so that we may fulfill Your Holy Will on earth and become worthy to praise and bless You in heaven for all eternity. Amen.

2. Large Beads (instead of the "Our Father" say):
v. O Jesus, look upon the tears of the Mother who loved You most while on earth, 
r. And who loves You so ardently in heaven.

3. Seven Small Beads (instead of the "Hail Mary" say):
v. O Jesus hear our petitions,
r. For the sake of the tears shed by Your dearest Mother.

4. At the End (repeat 3 times):
O Jesus, look upon the tears of the Mother who loved You most while on earth, and who loves You so ardently in heaven.

5. Concluding Prayer:
O Mary, Mother of Love, of Sorrows and of Mercy, we beg You, join Your prayers with ours so that Jesus, Your Divine Son to whom we turn, will graciously hear our petitions for the sake of Your maternal tears, and, together with the graces we implore, grant us finally the reward of eternal life. Amen.

With Your tears, O sorrowful Mother, destroy the dominion of Satan. Through Your divine tenderness, O bound and fettered Jesus, defend the world from the errors which threaten it. Amen.

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